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Become An Athlete delivers structured and progressive strength & conditioning programmes to impact positively on physical health, sports performance and resilience against injuries whilst simultaneously improving psychological well-being.

Running alongside academic term times, BAA uses a student centred, year-round approach whilst integrating seamlessly with the shared goals of the school and the aims of the students. Our coaches closely communicate with sports coaches and head of sports resulting in the best possible training environment for schools.


We Practice Honesty

Higher structure to training variables with sessions and planning

sport specific

Further inclusion of sport specific speed, strength & movements

develop proficiency

Develop & achieve proficiency in a variety of speed & strength skills

case study

Norwegian Squash

James, Ben and Amie visit Become An Athlete once every week on a Saturday and because we can personalise what they do based on their abilities and requirements, all three train together in the open space.

We love working out, its meant that we all enjoy playing sport more because we can now compete with better teams and win more matches. Ben (12)