Athlete Focus With Charlie

PG: Good morning Charlie, how are you feeling today?
Charlie: I’m fine thank you, how about yourself?

PG: All good here thanks Charlie, tell us a little about yourself? 
Charlie: I’m 13 and I go to the Royal Hospital School. I enjoy lots of sports, especially rugby and water sports, but also enjoy any type of outdoor activity.

PG: What did what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Charlie: I had a bowl of coco pops and a plain bagel, with a glass of milk with added skimmed milk powder for extra calories!

PG: What do you think are important elements for a young athlete trying to become more athletic and a better sportsperson? 
Charlie: Commitment and practice. Nothing happens overnight, if you put in the effort, it will pay off, you will go further than someone that doesn’t. Every positive thing you do adds up and sometimes it does take time for it all to fall in to place but who it does, its amazing and worth every second.

(Kneeling landmine press, improving upper body strength and shoulder stability)

PG: Thats great to hear you say that. So, how did you end up training with Become An Athlete?
Charlie: Become An Athlete was recommended to me by a family friend, whose daughter trained with you, Phil. I was impressed because she went on to become a world champion in Karate.

PG: Yes, she did amazing, great commitment like yourself. What is the most significant reason you continue to train with Become An Athlete? 
Charlie: I really enjoy the coach/athlete relationship and I love the feeling I get after completing a really hard session, learning something new and performing better than before, I feel like I can do anything!!

PG: What impact have you felt and noticed from strength & conditioning over the past months?
Charlie: I feel significantly stronger in every aspect of rugby, being able to accelerate quicker and stronger when players try to tackle me and also feel more confident as a person in everyday life.


(Forward Lunging Sled Drag improving ability to move forward with strength)

PG: Confidence is vital, It’s great that you feel that. What is your biggest challenge in sport and how do you manage this challenge?
Charlie: Finding time for everything. You just have to keep on top of everything that is going on. It’s great to get involved in lots of different sports but you can’t do everything.

PG: Who are your heroes and why, they don’t have to sports people? 
Charlie: My brother. He is the main male role model in my life and someone I look up to. He has studied really hard and now has a great job because of it.

PG: What has been the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Charlie: A quote by Muhammad Ali ‘ pain is temporary, glory lasts forever’


(Horizontal pull up increasing strength in his upper back)

PG: And, what advice would YOU give young athletes?  
Charlie: Get involved in anything you can. There are so many opportunities out there that loads of people miss out on, and you never know, you could be very good at it. Also, never give up. Have the drive to keep on going and achieve your goals.

PG: Thats great advice. I’m sure sometimes, getting up and starting the day is tough, especially after hard matches. What is it about sport and training that makes you get up and get going?
Charlie: I know it’s worth it in the end, everything I do adds up and continually makes an impact on my ability. Also, I understand it’s a commitment I have to make, if I play multiple sports and want to succeed.

PG: Have you learnt any lessons when it comes training that transfer into other aspects of sport and life?
Charlie: Never quit. The more effort and quality practice you put in, the greater the result is, simple.


(Bench Press with Bands, improving strength in his upper body)

PG: What is your favourite exercise or piece of equipment you use in the gym?
Charlie: I love using all of the equipment and enjoy everything but my favourite has to be the bench press.

PG: What are your future plans within sport?
Charlie: To become a professional sportsman and play in front of thousands of people.

Thanks Charlie for taking time to chat today and letting us in on your thoughts and feelings surrounding sport and strength & conditioning.  

As always we’re looking forward to what the future will bring and more importantly the effort you continue to put in and make the future what you want it to be.



We’ll be back with more interviews with our athletes, coaches and special guests.

All the best,

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