Coaching at JK Hockey Hi-Performance Camp

We were invited by Jamie Kingstone, Head coach at JK Hockey to come along and coach at the very first JK Hi-Performace Camp with 34 players attending.

JK Hockey successfully run camps for hockey players, and have done for a number of year with over 120 young players attending each camp.

Days started with a mass warm up with all 34 players the players going in to prepare themselves for the day ahead. Next players were split into their training groups and 5-6 players at a time thought the day would make their way to the gym to learn and develop their skills in the weight room.

Players learnt six strength exercises that challenged lower and upper body alongside torso strength and explosiveness. Even at the end of day one, players had improved their ability to perform strength exercises that they hadn’t been taught before. Day two was even better that day one, players had begun to learn the principle techniques and ethos of strength an conditioning and this was clear to see from their execution and drive to get better. Day two saw players learn a further six exercises to add to their new strength and conditioning programme.

Each player on the camp was given a programme based on what they learnt over the past two days. The programmes showed the exercise, reps and sets, tempo and rest periods alongside links to video demonstrations.



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We hope you enjoyed the read and have taken some important points. We’ll be back soon with more practical info to help become a better athlete.

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