Coaching S&C At Different Age Groups

People of different ages are an different stages of their physical development and most of the time, there isn’t a clear line that separates what children are where regards to their physical development. Often, some children who are the same age are sometimes very varied physically.

Its important that we coach the athlete we have in-front of us instead of basing our plans on their age. However there are guidelines and we use these as a starting point.

8-11 Year Olds

During this important time in a child’s life, young athletes are ready to soak up everything we teach them. Their bodies are equipped to learn and ingrain numerous new movements and skills.

  • Perfect time to create athletic foundations
  • Fun, engaging & educational environment
  • Fundamental agility, balance, co-ordination and speed

Growth is generally at a steady rate at this stage of their lives creating a great opportunity for us as coaches to introduce and create foundations of overall athleticism. Training is delivered with fun and enjoyment as an essential element in a fun, positive, motivating and high success environment.

12-14 Year Olds

During the next few years juniors begin their journey towards ‘Learning to Train’. The primary emphasis continues on general development plus sport-specific skills begin to be integrated.

  • Continue foundations in agility, balance & co-ordination
  • Progress bodyweight strength exercises
  • Inclusion of some sport specific skills work

Junior athletes continue to build their athletic foundations in agility, balance, strength, coordination and speed. With the introduction to basic strength exercises such as lunging, squatting, pushing and pulling juniors continue to develop their understanding and quality exercise technique.

15+ Year Olds

Academy aged athletes experience a gradual shift to higher structured training sessions. Programme design will begin to include further integration of sport specific strength and movement skills.

  • Higher structure to training variables
  • Further sport specific speed, strength & movements
  • Develop & achieve proficiency in speed & strength skills

We aim for academy ages to have a solid ability to perform fundamental movement skills and be proficient at a range of strength skills. Achieving this level allows athletes to include a multitude of training methods and obtain an optimal training effect for top performance.

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