Don’t Just Workout, Get Better

Question: How do you know when your session has been productive?
Answer: When you can do something better than before!

Many sports coaches (even some ‘fitness’ coaches) and parents believe the only evidence of a good session is a puddle of sweat on the floor with the athlete rinsed of energy.

Now, we’re all in for breaking a sweat and working with intensity but putting young athletes through tiresome workouts just for the sake of tiring them out isn’t our idea of a productive session.

Of course, the desired level of tiredness differs according to goal of the session, but never should should the goal for young athletes be, simply to wear them out.

Sometimes our young athletes leave sessions with more energy than they had when they walked in. Thats a massive positive in our eyes and means they loved training and feel great about what they’re doing.

We want to make a positive performance adaptation during every session we deliver for our athletes. This may simply be improving a lunge technique or learning how to decelerate and land safely therefore not only reducing the risk of injury but improving their effectiveness whilst playing.

We hope you enjoyed the read and have taken some important points. We’ll be back soon with more practical info to help become a better athlete.

All the best,

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