First Trip To The Norway Squash Federation

This past week saw the first trip to Oslo, Norway to meet and coach the Norwegian Junior and Senior National Squash Teams. We’ll be visiting throughout the year overseeing every aspect of the players’ strength & conditioning.

Every player from both the senior and junior team were extremely eager to learn and showed exceptional work ethic during the entire visit. For some players, taking part in structured strength & conditioning is new and opened their eyes to what can be achieved with structure and appropriately designed programmes.

Warm up drills on court.

An explosive band jump in their new programmes.

Anti-rotation strength as part of their strength programmes.

The weekend was the last chance for the senior players to showcase not only their squash skills but work ethic, concentration and willingness to learn. Head coach Lauren Selby and Assistant coach Emily Ison were carefully selecting players for the forthcoming European Championships in Lisbon, Germany in March.

Between now and the next visit to Oslo we will be keep close communication with all the players ensuring we can continually refine and individualise their programmes aiming to achieve improvements in strength, power, movement and ability to play better squash.

We’re excited about the future of squash in Norway , given the amazing players and support that is the Norges Squashforbund (Norwegian Squash Federation).

Jumping onto a box and sticking the landing.

Lauren and Em passing on squash knowledge.

Player and Coach photo at the end of camp.

We’re back to Olso in the coming months and looking forward to meeting the players again.

All the best,

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