4:1 Training

Get a step ahead of the competition with our group training. All the enjoyment and dynamics of training with other people with the close attention and customisation of personal training.


4:1 Training

Get a step ahead of the competition with our group training. All the enjoyment and dynamics of training with other people with the close attention and customisation of personal training.

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prepare for greatness

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Testing & Screening

Performance testing and movement screening ensuring athlete get what they need.

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Detailed Programmes

Improve strength, power, speed, flexibility including warm up , cool down & recovery.

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Attentive Coaching

Options of 4:1 & individual sessions giving quality coaching ensuring a safe & engaging environment.

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Varied memberships

From Base to Champion, a membership to suit everyone starting at £30pm.

what to expect


Catch up on the weeks training and matches and time to discuss how the athlete is feeling and what adjustments need to be made for that day.


Athletes then perform their bespoke preparation and warm up programme to prime themselves for the demands of the sessions ahead.


Into the main section which could include a mix of strength, speed and explosive drills, mobility and balance at the correct level for the individual.

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Athletic Foundation

This is an important stage of a young person’s athletic life. Their young bodies are equipped to learn and ingrain new and varied movements and skills. Growth is generally at a steady rate at this stage of their lives, building a great opportunity to create foundations for overall athleticism.

  • Create athletic foundations 
  • Engaging & motivational environment  
  • Agility, balance, co-ordination
  • Speed & strength

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Athletic Development 

During this age the primary emphasis is to continue developing general all-round strength and movement skills with the addition of sport specific strength skills. Creating a wide range of strengths the athlete then has far greater potential to deal with the demands of sport. 

  • Agility & speed
  • Balance & co-ordination 
  • Strength & bodyweight exercises 
  • Inclusion of sport specific strength skills 

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Prepare to perform

Athletes at this age experience higher structure to their training with more detailed programmes and schedules. We aim for this age group to demonstrate competence across fundamental strength & movement skills. Aching this level allows athletes to include a multitude training methods in the future to obtain optimal performance.

  • Higher structure  
  • Further develop strength & power 
  • Include specific speed drills 
  • Achieve proficiency 
  • Train for optimisation 

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Make an impact 

An this stage of an athletes career, they are likely specialising in just one sport. We can support students at Colleges and Universities and professional athletes with their strength & conditioning. We provide programmes for pre-match warm ups, mobility programmes and strength training.


  • Support College and University students  
  • Support Professional athletes 
  • Provide a spectrum of programmes 
  • Long distance coaching
  • International communication 

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individualised programmes

By having their own programme, each athlete will always be doing the correct training and working towards their own goals.

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expert close attention from our coaches

With no more than 4 athletes per session, they get the individualised attention they deserve and need to succeed.

schedule & pricing

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

benefit from training with like minded people

Group training is an enjoyable way to learn and train. Work with other like-minded athletes who are all trying to be the best they can be.

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    stay connected and supported

    Athletes will always be supported and guided in and outside of coaching sessions with Become An Athlete. The Teambuildr app allows coach and athlete to stay connected.

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    Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

    Dimensions: 800 x 440 (Replace me)

    look great in our become an athlete stash

    Look great and feel like an athlete with our clothing range, provided by 305wear.com.

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    group training registration

    How it works.


    Our schedule for Group Training sessions runs alongside school term time. Athletes can secure their position for the whole term by booking in advance. The dates for 2018 are below. The specific day and times of Group Training can be viewed at Group Training Schedule.  If an athlete joins midway through a term, the price is adjustment accordingly. 

    Group Training terms

    3rd January – 29th March
    16th April – 24th July ’18
    4th Sept – 16th Dec ’18


      Choose training package

      Choose from the Core, Athlete or Champion Group Training packages based on your requirements, schedule and resources. All training packages are detailed below.


      sign up online

      Using the registration button below, select and sign up to your chosen group training package. Registration is completed through trusted company TeamUp.


      register onto sessions

      Once signed up and completed the online wavier, you’ll need to select and book the sessions to attend. The group sessions are clearly labelled and easy to access.

      group training packages

      Choose The Right Pack



      Per Term

      • 6 Group Sessions 
      • Online Programmes 
      • Access To Videos & Support
      • 2 Week Advance Booking
      • Bi-Weekly Sessions
      • Terms & Conditions
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      Per Term

      • 12 Group Sessions 
      • Online Programmes 
      • Access To Videos & Support
      • 3 Weeks Advance Booking
      • Weekly Sessions
      • Terms & Conditions
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      Per Term

      • 24 Group Sessions 
      • Online Programmes 
      • Access To Videos & Support
      • 3 Weeks Advance Booking
      • 2 Sessions Per Week
      • Terms & Conditions
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      Group Training Registration

      Get booked on

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      what people say

      I am incredibly grateful for the time he has invested in me and knowledge he has shared, from my first gym session in Year 9 where I was unable to complete a single press up or pull up, through to the stage I am at now, pursuing my dreams to become a professional athlete in Year 13.
      Tom Addison
      1st Team Rugby Captain / Framlingham College
      We have felt a huge positive impact on all our hockey players here at Framlingham College. From a personal perspective as head of hockey, athletic development has helped to develop so many of our players physically, which, I believe has had a direct correlation to the outstanding results we are now producing on the pitch plus the increasing number of International representatives.
      Jamie Kingstone
      Head of Hockey / Framlingham College

      Terms & Conditions

      When an athlete signs up to Group Training part way through a term the athlete pays a prorated rate and the number of sessions are also adjusted accordingly. E.g If an athlete signs up half way through a term on our Athlete Membership, which gives the athlete 12 sessions (usually used 1 session per week), the price paid is half of the original price, and the number of sessions available is also halved, but still offering 1 session per week.
      Successful athletes are taking part in strength & conditioning activities more often than others. The optimal number of training sessions varies for each person according to the age of the athlete, their goals and schedule. As a guide we recommend 1-4 hours of dedicated strength & conditioning each week for continual and quality progress. This time is made up of physical training and recovery methods.

      Members of BAA have access to our exceptional training facilities in Ipswich,Suffolk. We offer coaching at Become An Athlete HQ, Unit 6 Alstons Court, Leslie Road, IP3 9PL and at Sportsmed East, Woodbridge Road, Kesgrave, Ipswich. Please see our contact page for our locations. Our coaches also visit venues around Suffolk delivering coaching to individuals and teams.

      Yes, strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons, improving bone density, improving mobility, enhancing speed and developing more control over their own body will transfer into all-round better performance across any sport. We believe by improving athletic qualities, especially from an early age, young people become more mouldable, experience quicker learning and are able to execute sports skills with more precision and greater consistency.
      No. In fact there is significant research showing that age-appropriate and correctly designed and coached strength training exercise can help towards improving bone and connective tissue growth and overall development in young children.
      There are factors we consider when working with boys and girls including our approach to coaching and the potentially vast differences in physiology and anatomy between males and females. However, boys and girls can still train together in the same session.