Insight Into A First Session At Become An Athlete

We love coaching young people. Its what we do best and we’re proud that we’ve helped many young people become better athletes and achieve greatness within their sport. An exciting time in our schedules is meeting young people for the first time who want to train with Become An Athlete.

Over the next few minutes, we’ll give you an insight into what typically goes down in an athlete’s first session at Become An Athlete.


Get to know
We like to get to know who we’re working with. Not only about their sport and training life but their non-sport interests too.

Learn what they want to achieve
Reasons vary from:

  • improving general health and well-being
  • returning from injury
  • Improve confidence
  • making a county or national team
  • winning european and world championships

Establish a training age
Different to biological age, training age refers to how much ‘good’ experience an athlete has at strength and conditioning i.e have they learnt some basic movement skills, how often are they used to training etc.

What do they want from us
Its usual that because training with Become An Athlete will be the first time taking part in strength and conditioning, athletes and parents are unsure how they want their child to work with us.

The most popular way athletes and parents choose to work with us is through our Total Membership in we coach an athlete once per week alongside designing a programme for between sessions and providing athletes access to their very own online strength and conditioning dashboard.

Twice a week, once a month, twice a month are all other options available with our membership. Whatever your schedule, you can be part of Become An Athlete and enjoy the rewards of training with us.

> What is the membership?
> Individual membership
> Team membership

Can we help?
We can now decide, using the information we’ve gathered about the athlete whether or not we can help the athlete or if it is best to refer to another professional in our network.


Get moving
We’ll get the athlete moving through a range of fundamental movement and strength skills to help us understand what capabilities they possess already, what can be improved right away and and what they’ll aim to develop over coming months.

We want to find out in this section:

  • current strength-skill set
  • exactly what someone can do
  • movement limitations
  • how they learn & respond to coaching
  • how best to coach them in the future

Creating context
An important element to all our coaching is creating context to the task enabling us, as coaches to engage and relate better with our athletes. Relating movements and coaching cues to things they already understand either from sports they’re involved in or even films and non-sport interests the athlete learns quicker and engrains learning easier.

At Become An Athlete we pride ourselves on being able to get to know and relate to each young person that steps through our doors. In fact its quite normal that during a warm we get chatting about all sorts of things. Its a great time to check in with the athlete to see how they’re getting on.

What movements do we look at?
We’ll start with a range of strength skills that cover

  • Jump and landing (2 and 1 foot)
  • Lower body (2 legs)
  • Lower body (1 leg)
  • Upper body pulling
  • Upper body pushing
  • Rotational ability
  • Trunk anti-flexion/rotation

What makes them click
It important to us to know what makes an athlete click, what they enjoy and how best they learn and pick up new things. We’re proud that we develop good coach / athlete relationships, gaining an understanding of what makes an athlete ‘click’, what they enjoy and their culture. We think this is one reason so many of our athletes are succeeding at such a high level.

Success from Day 1
From the very first session we’d like the athlete to start achieving right away and feel comfortable and positive about their visit. So, by implementing quality coaching based on our knowledge of the young person in front of us, even from day one, the athlete will gain a sense of achievement and success.


Continue teaching correct technique
The rest of the session will include teaching exercises that we’ll include in their first strength and conditioning programme.

By now, we have a clear understanding of what the athlete’s reasons are for coming to see us and what they want to achieve by doing so. We have also established a clear picture of current physical capabilities and identified components and areas to improve in order to enhance skills, improve strength and other physical attributes and ultimately increase performance.

The plan going forward
There are several points we consider when designing a strength & conditioning programme for young athletes and for athlete for that matter.

  • to use every moment available in the session to improve
  • select safe exercises for individuals
  • choose exercises inline with the athlete’s abilities
  • for the young athlete to enjoy the session
  • to ultimately improve as a result of the first four points


What your first S&C programme might look like
Usually we’ll write two separate programmes for young athletes starting out. Then schedule to alternate the two. For example, programme 1A will be completed on a Tuesday and programme 1B on the Friday then the following Monday programme 1A again.

Viewing your programmes 
Each athlete receives their own ‘athlete login’ to access the Become An Athlete online strength and conditioning software. This is where athletes view their schedule, the content of their sessions and input their training data.


THE PREP – 5-10 minutes

Designed to improve the young athletes ability to execute the up coming exercises with optimal technique. The warm up can include drills to increase muscle flexibility, mobilise joints, activate muscles and groove exercise technique.



Next, the athlete will do a landing exercises and an explosive exercise appropriate to their strength level and landing ability. Here is a video example.



GET STRONG – 30 minutes

Up next is strength. Covering various strength skill movements this section will typically consist of 3-6 exercises all suitable for individuals strength and skill set. Here are some video examples.

Squat variation

Single leg 1

Upper body pulling

Single leg 2

Upper body pushing



Both the athlete and the coach have achieved several things throughout their time together in their first session.

The athlete has achieved:

  • understanding as to what strength & conditioning means for their sport
  • improvement and experienced success within the first session
  • learning important coaching points for exercises in their programmes
  • understanding of day to day programme training principles
  • enjoyment within their time learning and training from our coaches
  • realising that with consistent practice and quality training anything is possible
We’d love to hear from you
Check out our memberships or if you want a chat and come and see us then get in touch


We hope you enjoyed seeing what goes down in a first session at Become An Athlete. We look forward to hearing you, booking your first session.

All the best,

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