Stick with it but not too long

We’ll start with a quote I recently read originating from Bruce Lee.

I fear not that man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 timesBruce Lee

This thought is true also within the athletic performance and strength & conditioning world. It is closely related to an issue that is common amongst young athletes, sports coaches and parents.

The problem is two part, one end of the spectrum is changing the training programme each time your train or never doing the same programme more than once in the fear that a child will get bored and/or think that by doing different things each session that means its a rounded and varied approach. The other side is keeping the same programme for months even years, performing the same old drills time and time again with the hope that one day you’ll get the results you searching for.

The question of how long a training programme should be adhered to before changing or tweaking it, usually is up to the individual doing it because some people respond to exercises at different rates to others. There isn’t a correct answer, and usually people get caught up at one extreme . The answer typically lies somewhere in the middle.

With athletes we see weekly, we’re able to make small adaptations and make tweaks as we go along according to their energy, injury status or sporting schedule.

But as a guideline, we suggest athletes complete a programme for between 4-8 before making significant changes.

The changes made are based upon how many sessions the athletes trained and how athlete has progressed over the past 1-3 months.

Why 4-8 sessions? 

  • Your body needs time and practice to allow itself to become effective at getting the most results from exercises. That said, we’re not in the business of giving young athletes amazingly complex drills or exercises that require a year to perfect the technique. We much prefer giving athletes exercises they can see and feel the benefits from right from the first session.
  • Not too long that boredom set in. We’ve found that athletes are always motived to do sessions if they know they will enjoy it AND get improve. As long as you are still improving at a good rate, keep going with the programme. But our experiences tells us that after 8-10 sessions improvements begin to slow down. So thats why we’ll change your programmes after 4-8 sessions.

Your programmes don’t always have to get harder and harder, they just need to be different. I like to say we’re still going in the same direction but just driving in in a different car.  The same goals and reasons but with a different options.

If you’d like us to design your strength & conditioning programmes then please get in touch and let us know how you’d like us to help.


We hope you’ve found the points above useful and we’ll be back soon with more content to help become a better athlete.

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